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Strive to have suppliers with a point of difference based on technology, creativity, global demand, quality, safety, handling, and distribution.

Determine the best markets for the highest potential return in the quickest amount of time.

Implement tactical sales plan to key decision makers through a shortened learning curve in the targeted industries previously identified as part of the strategic plan.

Becoming more than just a supplier, strive to be a collaborative partner to the customer.

The Group difference is more than connecting each step between suppliers and national accounts. Leveraging our years of industry experience, we educate and train our suppliers on how to create and define their products and services to provide the greatest possible value before connecting them with our national account network.

The Bizlink Group

About Us


The BizLink Group is a global food industry network which has a unique process in being able to successfully connect customers with the best combination of products and services to meet overall goals and objectives.  Our clients view us as a strategic resource to their sales and marketing teams and as a value-added partner with a strong reputation for resource planning, business development, and revenue generation.  We take the time to analyze your situation and strategize a plan that's right for you.


"BizLink is a customer's resource that focuses on national account innovation and sourcing that seeks to fully understand and translate business opportunities from concept to consumer."


Donovan Wong has over 25 years of professional industry experience with a track record of profitable sales success. He has extensive knowledge of ingredients and systems, widespread connections throughout the food and beverage industry, expertise in opportunity and sales pipeline management, and a history of providing sales through solutions. Donovan created BizLink based on his professional network, resource management capabilities, sales and technical experience, and unique knowledge of specific sectors of the food and beverage industry namely foodservice, private label, and nutrition.


Igor Mihajlovic is the founder of Pure Charge Nutrition, a company which offers all natural supplements for not only athletes but people with clean, active lifestyles.  Based on his experience in product development and sourcing, project management, IT, and personal dedication to health and fitness, Igor brings a unique dimension to BizLink's services in being able to assist in resource and opportunity management between customers and clients.